7 reasons for Move & Relax.

Because a sustainable lifestyle is based on these two pillars

1. Because Move & Relax can change your life

Back from holiday with a new attitude to life
Holiday is a break from everyday life. But be honest: how long does your holiday feeling last as soon as you turn the key in the lock at home? Move & Relax should not just be a holiday flirt.  We discharge you from the holiday with a new attitude to life that you can continue with at home.

A whole team of fitness trainers, coaches and food specialists is at your side in the companies of the Pletzer resorts.  From this team you may expect a tailor-made training concept and personal support during your stay, which you can literally take home with you.

2. Because movement brings people together

Those who exercise quickly find like-minded people
Exercising together makes training more entertaining, enjoyable and motivating. The same applies, of course, to everyone who pays attention to regular breaks.

You can just as much relax in company as well as alone.
You can count on us too. Upon request, we at Move & Relax are always there for you to accompany you to your goals.

3. Because regeneration is part of the performance

The break as an achievement in itself
Our performance-oriented society often gives us the feeling that we have to fill every free minute with an activity. How often are rest breaks dismissed as laziness?

Relaxation is an essential point in the interplay of exercise, proper nutrition and regeneration. In that sense, breaks are an achievement in themselves.

4. Because nutrition can make a difference

Proper nutrition is not a waiver of delight
If you do something, you also have to eat something. It is important that the right thing is served on the plate.  The meal plan should be tailored to age, life situation and personal calorie needs.

However, proper nutrition does not mean that you have to give up pleasure in eating or that you even suffer from hunger. Our team will show you how you can enjoy a delicious and at the same time conscious diet.

5. Because it is always the right time for movement

You can always move, anywhere and antytime
Whether in spring, summer, fall or winter, whether early in the morning or late in de evening, whether in the rain or in the bright sun - you can alsways move. Particularly in and around Sportresort Hohe Salve the offer is extensive and can be used regardless of skills and season. 

Numerous safe and partially guided outdoor and indoor offers make you want to go on holiday for a new lifestyle all year round.

6. Because hapiness is a matter of balance

Balance is the way to hapiness
If you move, something moves. Not only on the scales or in the legs, but also in the head. The right mix of exercise, relaxation and a conscious diet increases the feeling of hapiness. 

The brain rearranges itself, you have fresh ideas and start the day positively.

7. Because Move & Relax was developed with sports scientists

With the know-how of top-class sport to the individual Move & Relax concept
It may seem simple, but exercise and regeneration are a science. At least if you want to do everything right. That's why we closely work together with sports scientists of the University of Innsbruck.

Move & Relax offers you know-how from top-class sport, tailored to your personal needs. 


7 reasons for Move & Relax



Towards holistic well-being.

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