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Life is movement

I am very happy to be a part of this resort concept, beasue the Move & Relax  theme is linked to many of my professional and private experiences. Movement is definitely a very important aspect of my life. 

Life is movement - modern people, however, often deteriorate their quality of life due to lack of it. The opposite can be the case in high-performance sports, where there may be a loss of sustainable quality of life due to excessive exercise.

In all companies of the Pletzer resorts, we want to find the right balance between exercise and relaxation together with the guests  – through state-of-the-art infrastructure, the undestanding of a wide range of requirements and through our well-trained experts. The resorts right next to the mountain railways, directly by the lake and amidst impressive naturer offer countless incentives to move and relax, to collect impressions and experiences and to make important learning experiences on your own or in the group - and to take them home. With Patrick Koller, the Move & Relax manager of the resorts, we have found a "Tyrolean home grown". As sports scientist and Olympic starter in the ski cross discipline, he has the best prerequisites for the implementation of the concept. In addition, for me the cooperation with a regionally rooted, very successful and experienced family of entrepreneurs symbolizes high stability, competence and creative will. 

In this sense – keep moving and stay in balance
Your Toni Innauer


Toni Innauer vom Move & Relax Team

Toni Innauer

With the Austrian ski jumping Olympic champion, we were able to win over an expert and important inspirator in advance. Working together with him resulted in our unique Move & Relax concept.

Perceiving the body

Welcome to the Pletzer resorts - I am very pleased that you are interested in our resorts and the Move & Relax concept. Als a former competitive athlete I followed a strict training schedule for many years – on the one hand to be competitive in the world elite in my sport and on the other hand to prevent injuries and setbacks.

Perceiving my body, listening to it and also understanding which stimulus my body could handle, has increased my interest in sports science adn the individual possibilites to understand the human organism throughout the years. We live in a performance-based society, where every individual is required to have the highest level of physical and psychological energy. In the professioinal world as well as in the sports world, body and mind are put under a lot of pressure - limits are often exceeded. Few of us understand how to understand how to properly dose the amount of stress and the intensity of both areas, how to set the individual regeneration correctly in order to balance personal well-being. 

With our concept, we have made it our goal to sensitize you to these important areas during your stay . With our various offers, which we tailor to your individual needs, and with our infrastructure, which meets the latest requirements and is fully in tune with the times, we want to find the right combination of MOVE & RELAX for you to generate fresh, new energy for your everyday life.

Your Patrick Koller

Patrick Koller

Former Austrian professional ski cross athlete, Olympic athlete and sports scientist – Patrick Koller has the best prerequisites to manage our Move & Relax area and to live our concept.

Patrick Koller vom Move & Relax Team

The Move & Relax team is looking forward to you.

You want to live even more actively and consciously , but you don't know how? Our Move & Relax team of experts will support you with that!

You will receive your individual exercise schedule based on your body- and performance data and in coordination with your personal goals. The exercises are designed so that you can easily maintain them at home in your daily life. That is what makes our Move & Relax programme - created in cooperation with the Institute for Sport Science at the University of Innsbruck - so special.

Läuferinnen am Berg

"To be in balance, you must keep moving." - Toni Innauer

The basis for stable further development

As a family company with strong roots in the mountains, we live by our principles and remain true to ourselves: tradition, a high degree of responsibility and sustainable thinking and acting are the principles with regard to the environment and society

We are permanently connected to our locations and act as a reliable and trustworthy partner for our stakeholders. Many years of experience, in-depth specialist knowledge and the high level of commitment of our staff are valued. Ongoing product and service innovations bring our services even closer to the needs of our customers - this increases our competitiveness.


We bring people in motion



Towards holistic well-being.

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